New Doll in geometric dress.

One of the nice things about having an online presence is hearing from people like Jayc from Gylsen Designs.

Jayc asked me if I’d like to choose one of his designs, then had some fabric made up specially small for me and here is the result, a 1960’s style doll with a beautiful modern geometric print dress.

One of my paintings behind her and a little Jack Russel! I’ll put her in my Etsy shop soon.




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Here’s a few more pictures.

My boy had a day off school today so couldn’t get on with making the cats. But we had a lovely day because we got a PUPPY! She’s not officially ours, we’re doing a trial run to see how we all get on but it would break all our hearts not to keep her now! So, tomorrow I’ll be making the cats ( with the help of a puppy – I wonder how that’ll work!) and I’ll be putting up some pictures of them soon, much harder to make than dogs for some reason. I’ll put a photo of Nettle the puppy up too!

Very pleased because I sold two of my new gardening dolls already.

IMG_2018 IMG_2041 IMG_2063 IMG_2077 IMG_2073

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