Here’s a few more pictures.

My boy had a day off school today so couldn’t get on with making the cats. But we had a lovely day because we got a PUPPY! She’s not officially ours, we’re doing a trial run to see how we all get on but it would break all our hearts not to keep her now! So, tomorrow I’ll be making the cats ( with the help of a puppy – I wonder how that’ll work!) and I’ll be putting up some pictures of them soon, much harder to make than dogs for some reason. I’ll put a photo of Nettle the puppy up too!

Very pleased because I sold two of my new gardening dolls already.

IMG_2018 IMG_2041 IMG_2063 IMG_2077 IMG_2073

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Here we go again…

So, I have a new website and a new blog. My old blog is still there, I wanted to move it all across to the new format, but quite frankly it was beyond me!

Here’s some images of the dolls I made recently for The Cross Shop in Holland Park, minitaturised versions of the gorgeous designer clothes they sell. I’ve added the shots I had of the real clothes too, the striped Kaftan is by Tracy Boyd, and the other outfit is by Dosa, I loved painting the tiny bag.

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Tracy Boyd kaftan


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